Hello and thank you for checking out my page!I'm Rikkun Zukheo, also known as AZION the Protogen and thanshuhai in my internet username. I'm half Filipino & Vietnamese who grew up here in the Philippines. I live a simple life, I'm an introvert, quiet, open, relaxed and shy guy.I am a self-taught artist who draws anthropomorphic or furry artworks. I want to tell stories visually and express myself in this medium, I try to paint life, imagine the world around me through art and somehow show what it is all about. I want to learn more and improve in the process, not only for art, but also myself as a person.I am inspired and driven by nature, fellow artist, friends and family. I just want to paint and share it to the world.

I want emphasize all of these are not needed to make art, I started off on a internet café computer with just a mouse for a while, before I got myself a cheap tablet. You shouldn't limit yourself creating, start with what you have. Learn the softwares, tools and drawing. Don't just draw everyday but study, experiment and learn from your mistakes. That's how you set things off for your art journey.


July 2022 batch ended, I will be messaging who made it to my list until July 10th 6AM UTC.

    Next Batch Opening ETA:
    March/April 2023


    Commissions are Closed

    Please take your time to read the information first before submitting your form. This is not first come-first serve, I'll be selecting the commissions.NOTE: There's no guarantee you'll make it to my list. If you got selected, I'll message you directly within 6hrs of me closing the forms.

    Countdown Commission Form Closes

      Form closes in February 20 Monday 6AM UTC

      Next Batch Opening ETA:
      December 2023

      Waiting time is over a year.

      There is no order of delivery aside from batch order. I aim to finish one illustrations on a good week, 🗄️TOTAL number is probably how many weeks you have to wait before I can start on your commission. Thank you for your patience.Just keep in mind that you might also have to wait a year before I can even start on your piece at due to my queue. But rest assure I'll deliver you the product as I never rush any illustration piece and I give it my all.


      ⚠️ Prices are subject to change.

      Illustration Commission

      ⭐ Starts at $500 USD: First Character + Detailed Background
      $150 USD: Additional Character
      - Payment plants are available.
      - I only accept SFW commissions.
      - I may charge more for complexity of the commission.
      - Resolution may vary per piece but I usually produce this in 16:9 ratio at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.
      - Can be on Portrait or Landscape orientation as requested.
      - Two version of the piece will be given to the client, a full resolution and lower resolution with watermark for posting.
      Work Examples:

      Headshot Commission

      ⭐ Start at $150 USD: Solo
      - Headshot/Portrait commissions art styles may vary so let know if you have a specific one you like that I already did.
      - I usually have this at 1.2K pixels minimum resolution.
      Work Examples:

      If you want the Individual Commercial Rights of the artwork, it's +200% of the base price of the commission.


      📢 I announce my commission opening on X and FurAffinity.❗ Please remember to read my Terms of Service!

      1. If you are selected, I will contact you and arrange payment.

      2. You will be added to my Commission Queue and then you wait for your turn in a later date.

      3. When it's your turn, I will message you and ask you if you have updates regarding your commission.

      4. Once I start working on your commission, I will send you a sketch for approval.

      5. After the first sketch has been approved, I will start working on the commission and provide updates as it progress.

      6. Any changes cannot be drafted once shaded unless the necessary fixes are minor.

      7. Once you're happy with the commission, I'll finalize the commission and send you the full resolution.

      💲 Bids Over $1000 USD

      Countdown until auction ends. (SATURDAY 3PM UTC)
      I'll end the auction if no one bids in 2 hours.
      I will extend 1 hour from the last bid to prevent auction sniping.

      • You can ask me to adjust the layout and add character details.

      • It's flexible, you're free to ask me anything within reason.


      September 17, 2023

      ⭐ Starting Bid Price: $100 USD

      Minimum of $10 increments per bid.

      Take note the art above is a work in progress. It will be fully rendered.
      You can check my other finished works: Illustration Commissions

      Bids over $800 USD will get a free Headshot Commission along with it.

      • I can do any gender, body type, and species you prefer.

      • Can be drawn with any clothing or without. (SFW Only)

      • You can ask to change the pose, expression and mood of the scene and time of day.

      • It's very flexible, you're free to ask me anything within reason.


      • PayPal Only

      • Payment installment available.

      • I will only start working on your piece once you're fully paid.

      • Artwork will be done within a week or two full payment. Or more likely able to finish it after the con I'll be attending end of this month.

      I'll end the auction when there is no more offers and will message the highest bidder.

        Official ends on Sept 16 UTC 23:00

        +1 hour from the previous bid to prevent auction sniping.
        Auction will end if there is no more offers from the last bid.


        Go to LIVE RESULTS button above for real time results.
        Results below might be outdated.

        ⚠️ Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.


        • Please provide a ref sheet of your character with basic information or background story

        • If you don't have an ref sheet, photos of the character will be fine.

        • If you only have an Idea for the character "text info" I will charge an additional fee.

        • Provide the idea/concept of things you really want to get for the artwork.

        • Make sure you have decided on what you get unless you want it artistic freedom.


        • I have the right to decline and cancel a commission for any reason.

        • Rights to preserve and use the artworks to promote myself on my social media and sites

        • Be patient, I will do the piece in my own pace and I never rush them. Unless you want rush/priority (includes additional fees).

        • I may record for speedpaints or tutorials will be posted on my channels.

        • I reserve the right to re-print the commissions for commercial and promotions (Example: Prints, Artbook, Calendar, etc.) by default UNLESS stated otherwise.

        • You are not permitted to submit my artwork to AI learning platforms, deviantART included.

        • You can't use the commissioned artworks for commercial purposes, Once I create an image for you, you are welcome to use it however you please for any non-profit intentions. (You may produce print outs of the copy (For wall decoration, posters, etc.), but you are not allowed to re-sell any item using the artwork).

        • You have the right to claim your character/s but not the creation of artwork itself and you should always give credit to the artist when you share the artwork online.

        • Private files should stay private, You are allowed to post or share the PUBLIC version of the artwork, both public and private versions have my watermark but Public versions are those with the text (with my website and name) watermark.

        • You are not allowed to edit/paint over or do any stuffs that change artwork unless you have my permission, Resizing or cropping is alright.

        • You are not allowed to post the image online without my watermark.


        • You have the right to cancel the commission after a year of you getting to my queue list. Refund policy is as follows; if you wish to cancel your commission before work begins, I will retain 10% of the original commission payment in USD as a convenience fee. If you cancel during the sketch/thumbnail stage, a 50% refund of original payment will be issued. No refund will be issued if you cancel during the color stage, or after the commission is complete.

        • If I decide to cancel the commission, 100% of the original commission payment will be refunded.


        • Full resolution of the artwork of both versions.

        • Both versions have my watermark but Public version has text watermark (with my name, website and commissioner name).

        • ! NOTE: You will not recieve the source files.

        By commission to me, you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission up front once it is confirmed, as well as understand and agree to all the terms above.


        Can I share your artworks?
        - Sure! But please credit me, link the original art or simply put "Art by thanshuhai". I'm fine with my work being shared but I highly discourage editing or claiming my artwork as your own. * (Please note that my art is NOT for commercial use or anything money is involved.)
        Your artwork is being used, what should I do to help?
        - I don't really mind people using my artworks as their profile pictures BUT I just want people to be mindful that it's someone else's character, as long as they are not claiming it as their own, I'm cool with it. Also, I can't stress this enough but please don't harass people, just kindly inform or remind them to at least put something that says that the artwork and character is not theirs, then lastly report them if they don't comply and if it's an option. If the artwork is being used for commercial purposes or in anything where money is involved, kindly report and email me. I will do my best to resolve the issue.
        Can I get permission to use your artworks for AI database/research?
        - No. Never will I give anyone permission or use my artworks for that.
        Can I draw your characters?
        - You're more than welcome! As long as it is SFW and not offensive. Be sure to credit or tag me if ever. Thank you so much! 😊


        Do you do request or free art?
        - No I can't. Art is my main source of income, Sadly I cannot afford to spend time on any art that won't help me pay my bills. Sorry. 😔
        When will you open your commissions?
        - Please keep an eye on my current Commission Status. I announce my commission opening on X and FurAffinity.
        Do you do NSFW commissions?
        - I only take SFW and mature commissions.
        Do you make custom 3D avatar commissions?
        - Not at the moment, I'm still learning.
        Do you do reference sheets just like the one you have?
        - I usually decline this as it takes a lot of time and work to make one. You're free to give me an offer.


        What tools do you use to make art?
        - I have a page listing everything I use.


        How do you pronounce "thanshuhai"?
        - than-shu-hai (pronounce as tahn-shoo-hy [tɑn-ʃoo-hæɪ]).
        What languages do you speak?
        - My native tongue is Filipino or Tagalog and my second language is English.
        Do you do speed paints or live streams?
        - Yes from time to time I post my speed paints on Youtube.
        When I can, I do live streams on Twitch.
        What species is your main character?
        -A "Drazerk", it's a Dragon, Sergal, Shark inspired species.

        You can check my character's refsheet for more info:


        Curious Cat

        Half KeyboardRedragon K585 DITI - Outemu Blue Switch (I mainly used this before I got TourBox Neo; right now I just use it for gaming, as it has the same elevation as my Mouse while sitting)
        Bluetooth AdapterTP-Link UB500 Bluetooth 5.0 Nano USB Adapter
        Bluetooth KeyboardLogitech K380
        Bluetooth MouseRapoo M100 Silent
        SpeakerLogitech Z333 2.1
        VR HeadsetOculus Quest 2 - 64GB (Connected via Link Cable to PC)
        ControllerGuliKit NS09 Kingkong Pro v2
        USB SwitcherUgreen 30768 2-In 4-Out USB 3.0 Switch Box (For toggling peripherals between computers: Keyboard & Mouse)


        Other devices or comfort around my workstation. I really enjoy making things work and make it as comfortable working at home, I hooked most of the devices to a smart plug to make them work with Google Home Hub for routines and automation.

        SmartphoneXiaomi Poco X3 NFC - 128GB
        Standing DeskFlexiSpot M7M - 35"
        Standing MatFlexiSpot DM1 Anti Fatigue Mat
        Seat CushionFlexiSpot SC2 Comfort
        ChairGeneric Office Chair
        Smart HubGoogle Nest Mini - 2nd Gen
        Smart PlugsXiaomi Mi Smart Plug ZNCZ03CM
        Water DispenserToshiba Bottom Load RWF-W1669BF
        Electric FansXiaomi Mijia Bladeless Tower Fan BPTS01DM & Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro ZLBPSP01XY
        Air ConditionerLG 0.8HP Inverter Window Type Aircon LA080EC

        2008 - 2011

        I don't have any workstation pictures here, since I just used to go to a Internet Café to browse the internet and play games back when I was young.Year 2010 is when I got interested in Graphic Design, I started browsing for tutorials and started coloring my classmate's drawings digitally. It also inspired me to start drawing things on my own.In college 2011, there was art digital art contest themed "In Leap and Bounce" and my entry won, that alone gave me the confidence to start sharing my work online.

        Rikkun Wolfennec Fursuit

        Rikkun the Coffee Wolfennec
        Fursuit made by Daza 2019

        I am not sponsored by any of these products I use.

        The equipment listed below was acquired for several years. It took me years to invest and build up the setup I have today.


        LAST UPDATED:2022.11.07

        Drawing Tablets

        Tablets I used over the years since I started doing digital art.

        CD-R King 14.1 WMK-H1412010-12-13
        Wacom Intuos 5 - Medium2012-06-28
        Wacom Cintiq 13HD (Gifted by Malfurim)2013-11-25
        Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 - 512GB2016-06-01
        Huion Kamvas 16 - 20212020-12-20
        Huion Kamvas Pro 24 - 4K2022-07-17

        Core Hardware

        The main hardwares I use.

        CPUAMD Ryzen 7 3700X - 8Cores 16Thread 4.4GHz
        CPU CoolerDeepCool AK620 (Replaced fans with Cryorig QF120 LED Performance x2)
        MotherboardMSI B450M Mortar Max
        RAMG.SKILL Trident Z Neo DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18-38 1.35V - 16GB x2:32GB Total
        GPUMSI Nvidia RTX 3090 Suprim X - 24GB GDDR6X
        Storage#1PNY CS2130 M.2 SSD - 1TB Sequential Read/Write: 3500/1800 MB/s (System)
        Storage#2Kingston SNVS2000G M.2 SSD - 2TB Sequential Read/Write: 2100/1700 MB/s (Storage)
        CaseLian Li LanCool II Mesh - Performance
        Case FansCryorig QF120 LED Performance x3 (x3 Front Intake | 1x Back Exhaust), DeepCool FK120 (x2 Shroud Fan), Lian Li Stock Case 140mm (2x Top Exhaust)
        PSUFSP Hydro G Pro 1000W
        UPSTechServ US1-1500 - 1500VA 900W
        KeyboardAkko 3098B Black&Cyan - Akko Lavender Purple Switch (Krytox 205g0 Switch + Krytox 105 Spring Lubed, PE Foam + Tape Mod)
        MouseLogitech G502 Hero (I love the infinite scroll & side scrolling)

        Extra Hardware

        Quality of life and ease of use hardwares for my workstation.

        Monitor#1Bezel 34HX290 34" - IPS 3440x1440p 21:9 144Hz
        Monitor#2Bezel 27MD845 V4 27" - IPS 2560x1440p 16:9 144Hz
        Express KeysTourBox Neo Controller
        Monitor#3Xitrix XPN-WFP2710 27" - IPS 2560x1440p 16:9 75Hz (Temporary House TV for now)
        Control PanelElgato Stream Deck - XL (Used for Streaming, Resetting Window Positions, Audio Control, & Program Shortcuts)
        EarphonesArctis Nova 7 - Black
        MicrophoneFifine K678 Condenser Mic (On a Mic Boom Arm)
        WebcamSriHome SH004 - 1080p
        Hand TrackerLeapMotion Controller
        SpeakerLogitech Z333 2.1
        ControllerGuliKit NS09 Kingkong Pro v2


        What software do you use for your illustrations?
        - I mainly use Clip Studio Paint, then Photoshop on finishing up the artwork. I sometimes use SAI since I really like the blending there.

        What brushes do you use?
        - I mainly use just the default brushes.

        What did you use to make your 3D avatar?
        - Blender for the 3D modeling, textures and rigging. Unity to make it work on games or apps.

        What do you use to track your avatar?
        - VSeeFace.

        What program do use for Streaming and Recording?
        - OBS: Open Broadcaster Software.

        Any other softwares you recommend?
        - PureRef for compiling references.



        The RGB workstations after I just move in to a new place, AZION belongs to me.


        Planning phase for the RGB workstations.



        Pen display, Case, PSU, and GPU upgrade.


        Computer parts upgrade.


        Peripheral upgrades.


        The time I transitioned back having a desktop to suit my needs.

        2017 - 2019

        Moved to a new place and tried to be minimal as possible.


        Last pictures I took of this workstation before we moved out to a new house.


        I'm working as a computer technician and had to test a lot of PCs at the time.

        I was going for more of a clean look so I repainted the room.


        This was my first home office at the old house.


        Same room as 2012, this is when I started doing freelance work online.


        My workstation on the bedroom I share.


        Direct Message







        My Characters

        Rikkun Zukheo


        My main character, a Drazerk species which is a Dragon, Shark and Sergal inspired hybrid.



        My Uncommon Protogen character. Part of the RGB Protogen trio.

        Other Characters

        Some of my old characters and designs.



        SUIT MAKER: thanshuhai | CUSTOM KIT: JtingF
        YEAR AQUIRED:2023 | STATUS Active


        SUIT MAKER: Daz Wolf | MODS: thanshuhai
        YEAR AQUIRED:2019 | STATUS Retired


        My characters are not for sale and are not free to use, even my old characters and versions of them. I never gave anyone permission to use any of my characters.Fan-arts are more than welcome, as long as it is NOT Offensive.
        Please be sure to credit and tag me. Thank you! ♥


        PUBLISHED:2022.06.11| LAST UPDATED:2022.10.28


        Eye#00FFE10, 255, 225
        Flesh#C85050200, 80, 80
        White#F0F0F0240, 240, 240
        Gray#808080128, 128, 128
        Patch#50505080, 80, 80
        Black#20202032, 32, 32
        Flame#FF0032255, 0, 50

        Fur color blends differently from one another.

        Gray <     GRADIENT     > Black

        Gray <      SPOTTED      > Patch

        Patch <        SOFT        > Black

        Black <        HARD        > White

        White <        HARD        > Gray


        Rikkun is basically a representation of myself.My character has different versions, these different versions of myself include: warrior, military, medieval, modern, futuristic, tribal forms and etc. All of which can be used so that he can be illustrated and fit in various settings and situations.He is a shapeshifter, he can shift to his other forms and to having a different species entirely. I like the idea of him transforming into creatures. There's not much story right now but one idea I have is he could be be human before he got transformed into this thing.His element is fire that is rose-red in color which he can breathe out, he's part dragon after all.I have a lot of ideas for him, but as of now I just wanna freely draw him, build the world the he could live in and just have him represent me as a person.


        Rikkun Zukheo

        SPECIES: Drazerk
        GENDER: Male ♂️
        ORIGIN: Eastern 東方種

        D.O.B.: December 11
        HEIGHT: 194cm
        WEIGHT: 80kg

        Introvert, Loyal, Kind, Open, Curious, Fair, Quiet.
        Can be Stubborn, Silly, Serious, Lazy, Careless, Impulsive, Reserved.
        Coffee, Art, Colors, Nature, Animals, Photography, Music,
        Video-Games, Biking, Military History, Origanizing, Stability,
        Tinkering, Rain, Coziness, Drinks, Cooking, Cheese, Spicy Food.
        Loud or crowded places, Hot weather, Rude people & people with no common sense, Worms, Deep waters.



        Origin, History and People who are dear to me.


        Passion, Strength and Will to keep moving forward.


        Vastness, Adventure and What lies ahead.

        Character Stats

        Total: 100Points Ratio


        • Deep Waters

        • Icy Environments

        • Cuteness

        • Worms


        • Pyrokinetic

        • Claws

        • Shapeshifting

        • Two-Handed

        • Warfare

        • Retribution


        • Opportunist

        • Executioner

        • Elemental Affinity

        • Escapiost

        • Bigger and Better

        • Mukbang




        I made a playable Rikkun mod for myself.
        Inspired from Monster Race mod.


        Rikkun's gunship called WoLFen FLCN-11
        This is a mod I made for Starbound that you can actually use in game. It's a very complicated gunship, kindly check the Steam Workshop mod page for more info:



        My characters are not for sale and are not free to use, even my old characters and versions of them. I never gave anyone permission to use any of my characters.Fan-arts are more than welcome, as long as it is NOT offensive.
        Please be sure to credit and tag me. Thank you! ♥

        Sergal Hybrid

        PUBLISHED:2020.06.06| REWORKED:2021.11.17
        LAST UPDATED:2022.05.14

        I reworked the sheet when I was doing the 3D avatar model.


        PUBLISHED:2017.01.12| LAST UPDATED:2020.06.05

        This is when I officially changed the color of the character.

        Fennec Wolf

        CREATION:2012| PUBLISHED:2013| REWORKED:2014

        Earliest version for the character.


        This current page is hidden from the site's menus.


        Thanshuhai (pronounced tan-shu-hai, born December 11) also known as Rikkun Zukheo, I'm half-Filipino, half-Vietnamese freelance furry artist from Lucena, Philippines.A former Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student, I worked part-time as a cashier and computer technician before becoming a freelance artist.

        If anyone would care to read, I do have a life story page here. But I rather have it not be announced to the public.


        I've been a part of the furry fandom since April 2012. I sort of knew the fandom 2 years prior to that. Its when I accidentally stumble upon the community when looking up HTTYD, I searched up "Night Furry" instead of "Night Fury" and that's when I saw werewolves on DeviantArt. I've been following a lot of artists since then and started my interest in art. I've started doing some art and posting it online, one day someone locally invited me to a furry Facebook group and got to learn more about the furry fandom, and that's when I considered myself a furry.My first fursona was a a brown fur Fennec Wolf, and it stayed like that until 2016, when I changed the fur color to gray with orange accent and called the species "Wolfennec".In 2020 I changed my fursona to a Sergal Hybrid with a black tip muzzle while keeping the same colors. But after 2 years the colors and design grew out of me and I wanted to simplify the design and change the species to a "Drazerk" which is a Dragon, Sergal, Shark inspired species.

        This current page is hidden from the site's menus.

        My family originated from Saigon, current day Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My mother is Vietnamese and my father is Filipino; they worked at the airport there back in the day until the Vietnam War happened; that's when my family, along with two eldest siblings, moved here in the Philippines.My family lived a modest life. I was brought up in a broken family here in the Philippines with my single mother. I am the youngest of five siblings and one of the last surviving two.I lived a simple life growing up. I am a reserved and quiet person, I didn't bad good grades and I was slow learner, I couldn't even read properly until 6th grade. I only excel at things I'm interested or passionate about like games and computers. In high school I did part-time cashier and was studying and tinkering to be a computer technician. Since computer was my thing, I decided that I wanted to study Information Technology as it peaked my interest for college, I started learning more about programming, graphics and digital art. That's also the same time I discovered the furry fandom and my interest in art, looking around the internet and inspired me to draw. Sadly after 2 years in college I had to dropped out due to financial issues, I started to focus on working part-time and do freelance work to support my family.The furry fandom changed my life for the better. It is where I discovered my passion and gave me the opportunity to support my family, specially my sister is a single parent and I'm somewhat acting as a father figure to my nephew. I owe a big thanks to the amazing community and people who have supported my work over the years. I am quite content right now, all I want now is to live life, explore, do art and share it to you all as long as I am living. I only wish happiness to everyone.I don't think i would be me, if it weren't for my mom who sacrificed alot to me and my sister, despite her being in a foreign country, losing three children and my father leaving us, she still perceivered. She has been very supportive to me, she is my hero, I miss her and I want her to be remembered.

        In memory of my loving Mama.
        🌹Thi Hong Nguyen🌹
        Jun 11, 1953 - Feb 4, 2018


        You can support me on Patreon

        You help me create more things that I am passionate about.

        Thank you so much
        for your Support!



        Tip Jar


        You can also support me
        by getting me coffee.

        Thank you so much! ❤️

        Artworks from lovely people

        A collection of artworks that I received over the years, either from gifts, trades or commissions.
        I only listing those I can and I might have missed a few.

        Thank you for the wonderful artworks! ❤️






        This current page is hidden from the main site's menus.



        NSFW FAQ

        Do you do NSFW commissions?
        - I mainly do SFW commissions, you're free top drop me a message if you have an idea or inquire about it.
        How much is your NSFW commissions?
        - +20% of my SFW base price.
        Why did you make a NSFW account?
        - I want to explore the NSFW aspect of art. There are certain emotions and expressions that is unique to it. I didn't make it just so I can be lewd, I just don't want to be limited with expressing my art.
        Can I share your NSFW art?
        - I don't mind as long as you never tag or mention any of my other profiles, Only Nukkir or NukkirAD is applicable. The last thing I want is people looking up my profiles, then finding NSFW images. I want to avoid that as I mainly do SFW art for a living.
        Can I draw a NSFW of your character/s?
        - Feel free to ask me first! I don't bite ;)
        Only those who I've given permission can draw my character in that manner and respect my preferences.
        What is your character's sexual preferences?
        - As a top, to any gender.

        NSFW Contact


        Direct Message me on my AD account.