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I'm Rikkun, also known as thanshuhai in my internet username. I'm a half Filipino & Vietnamese who grew up here in the Philippines, I live a simple life. I'm an introvert, quiet, open, relaxed and shy guy.

I am a self-taught artist who draws anthropomorphic/furry art and a lot of fluffy stuff. I want to tell stories visually and express myself in this medium, I try to paint life and imagine the world around me through anthropomorphic art and somehow show what it is all about. I want to learn more and improve in the process. Not only for art, but also myself as a person.

I am inspired and driven by nature, fellow artist, friends and family. I just want to paint and share it to the world.

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The Request Commission button above is made for those who wanted a commission from me and submit their ideas. If I like what you submitted I will get back to you and add yours to my queue list.


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    Please take your time to read the information first before submitting your form. This is not first come-first serve, I'll be selecting the commissions I will be working on due to high demand.

    I will get back to you if you made it to my queue list up until March 22th 12:00PM UTC.

    Next Opening ETA:
    July - October 2021

      Countdown estimation of the next opening and may change without notice.

      My next opening will be around July - October, If I manage to finished half or most of the commissions by then.

      There is no order of delivery aside from batch order. I aim to finish one or two illustrations on a good week, ๐Ÿ—„๏ธTOTAL number is probably how many weeks you have to wait before I can start on your commission. Thank you for your patience.


      โš ๏ธ Prices are subject to change.

      [C] Illustration Commission

      โญ Start at $350 USD: First Character + Detailed Background
      โž• $95 USD: Additional Character
      I may charge more for complexity of the commission.Resolution may vary per piece but I usually produce this in 16:9 ratio at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution.Can be on Portrait or Landscape orientation as requested.2 version of the piece will be given to the client, a full resolution and lower resolution with watermark for posting.
      Work Examples:

      [HC] Headshot Commission

      โญ Start at $150 USD: Solo
      I haven't done any Headshot/Portrait commissions in a while so styles and prices might change when I open them.I usually have this at 1.2K pixels minimum resolution.
      Work Examples:


      ๐Ÿ“ข I announce my commission opening on Facebook, Twitter and FurAffinity.

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      1. If you are selected, I will contact you and arrange payment.

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      6. Any changes cannot be drafted once shaded unless the necessary fixes are minor.

      7. Once you're happy with the commission, I'll finalize the commission and send you the full resolution.


      MARCH 14 - 16, 2021

      โญ Starting Bid Price: DROP YOUR OFFER

      Highest Bidder will get the character & reference sheet.I will add your desired character name and details on the reference.I can do any adjustments within reason.If you won the auction, you need to pay within a week. I will only do adjustments and give you full resolution when you're fully paid.

        Countdown until auction ends. (WEDNESDAY 12AM UTC)
        I will extend 1 hour from the last bid to prevent auction sniping.


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        I only accept payments through PayPal.I may charge extra depending on the complexity of the commission or if any large changes or additions are requested.I can refund and decline a commission anytime if I believe I can't deliver it.I will only work the commission if I have the time and opportunity to do so. Also, there's no order of delivering.If I haven't worked on your commission for 6 months, you can ask a refund and cancel the commission.I will not refund a finished commission if you're unhappy with it, but will try to make changes to the picture within reason.Once I create an image for you, you are welcome to use it however you please for any non-profit intentions, such as wall decoration, posters, etc. You are not allowed to re-sell any item using the artwork.I reserve the right to keep and use the rejected sketches I made for my personal and future commission use.I reserve the right to keep the full resolution artwork and share it in my Patreon.I reserve the right to post the artwork in online platforms. I may stream and record videos of the artwork online.I reserve the right to re-print the commissions for commercial and promotions (Example: Prints, Artbook, Calendar, etc.) by default UNLESS stated otherwise.
        By agreeing to a commission to me, you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission up front once it is confirmed and understand and agree to all the terms above.


        Can I share your artworks?
        Sure! But please credit me, link the original art or simply just put "Art by thanshuhai". I'm with my work being shared, personal use or learning purposes, but I highly discourage editing, then posting or claiming my artwork as your own. (Please note that my art is NOT for commercial use or anything money is involved.)
        Your artwork is stolen, what should I do to help?
        I don't really mind people using my artworks like profile pictures BUT I just want people to be mindful that it's someone else's character, as long as they are not claiming it as their own, I'm cool with it. Also, please don't harass people, just inform or remind them to at least put something that says that the artwork and character is not theirs, then lastly report them if that's an option on the website.
        Can I draw your character Rikkun?
        You're more than welcome! As long as it is SFW and Not Offensive, just tag me in my accounts. Thank you so much!


        Do you do request or free art?
        No I can't. Art is my main source of income, Sadly I cannot afford to spend time on any art that won't help me pay my bills. Sorry. :(
        When will you open your commissions?
        I usually open my commission when my queue is almost done, just keep an eye on my current Commission Status. I announce my commission opening on Facebook, Twitter and FurAffinity.
        Do you do NSFW commissions?
        I only take SFW and mature commissions.
        Do you make custom 3D avatar commissions?
        Not at the moment, I am still learning and I want to deliver a good product.
        Do you do reference sheets just like the one you have?
        I usually decline this as it takes a lot of time and work to make one for just little payoff. You're free to give me an offer.


        What do use to drawing or painting?
        Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop and with the help of coffee.
        What did you use to make your 3D avatar?
        Blender & Unity.
        What do you use to track your avatar?
        FaceRig, Luppet, VDraw.

        What hardware do you use?


        How do you pronounce "thanshuhai"?
        than-shu-hai (pronounce as tan-shu-hai [tษ‘n-สƒoo-hรฆษช]).
        Do you do speed paints or live streams?
        Yes from time to time I post my speed paints on Youtube when I can and I do live stream on Twitch.
        What is species is your character?
        It's a wolf and fennec fox hybrid which I call "Wolfennec" or "Wolfen". I also have alternative form which is a Sergal Hybrid. You can check my character Reference Sheet page.

        I do a lot of researched and worked really hard to invest all of this items since 2012 to present day. Thank you all that have supported me over the years.

        What tablets have you used?
        CD-R King 14.1 (2010-12-13)Wacom Intuos 5 M (2012-06-28)Wacom Cintiq 13HD (2013-11-25)[Given by Malfurim]Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 (2016-06-01 to 2020-12-15)Huion 2021 Kamvas 16 (2020-12-20)
        What do you have on your setup?

        System Unit:
        AMD Ryzen 3700X with Stock CoolerMSI B450M Mortar MaxG.Skill 3200Mhz 16GB DDR4 RAM (X2)emTek Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6PNY M.2 NVMe 1TB SSDDEEPCOOL DN650 Power SupplyArmaggeddon Nimitz TR1100 Black CaseArmaggeddon Maldive Blue Case Fan (X7)

        Bezel 34" IPS 1440p 144Hz MonitorXitrix 27" IPS 1440p 75Hz MonitorSpectrePro 27" IPS 1080p 60Hz MonitorTylex XZ66 BlueS M-KeyboardRedragon DITI K585 BlueS M-KeyboardRedragon M716 MouseFifine K678 Condenser Microphone with Long ArmLogitech Z333 2.1 SpeakersKZ ZSN Pro Metal Gray Earphones
        Oculus Quest 2 - 64GB with Link CableElgato Stream Deck XLLeapMotion ControllerGuliKit NS09 Kingkong Pro v2 ControllerUGREEN USB 3.0 Switcher
        FlexiSpot M7M Standing Desk Converter - 35FlexiSpot Seat Cushion SC2FlexiSpot Anti-Fatigue Feet Mat DM1


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        PUBLISHED: 2017.01.12 | UPDATED: 2020.06.05

        Sergal Hybrid

        PUBLISHED: 2020.06.05 | UPDATED: 2020.06.06

        Rikkun can be drawn either a Wolfennec or a Sergal Hybrid and any of his Forms.


        Eye#00FFE10, 255, 225
        Flesh#C85050200, 80, 80
        White#F0F0F0240, 240, 240
        Stripe#C88C50200, 140, 80
        Gray#808080128, 128, 128
        Patch#50505080, 80, 80
        Black#20202032, 32, 32
        Flame#FF0050255, 0, 80


        Fur color blends and transition differently from one another.

        Gray <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€GRADIENTโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Black

        Gray <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€SPOTTEDโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Patch

        Patch <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€SOFTโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Black

        Stripe <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€SOFTโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Gray

        Black <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€HARDโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> White

        White <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€HARDโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Stripe

        Black <โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€HARDโ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€โ€€> Stripe


        Rikkun Wolfennec Fursuit

        Rikkun Zukheo

        SPECIES: Wolfen/Sergal HB
        GENDER: Male โ™‚๏ธ
        ORIGIN: Eastern ๆฑๆ–น็จฎ

        D.O.B.: December 11
        HEIGHT: 194cm
        WEIGHT: 77kg

        PERSONALITY: Introvert, Loyal, Kind, Open, Carefree, Curious, Fair, Quiet. Can be Stubborn, Silly, Serious, Lazy, Indecisive, Reserved.

        LIKES: Coffee! Art, Nature, Animals, Photography, Music, Video games, Military, Organizing, Stability, Tinkering, Rain, Warmth, Alcohol, Cooking, Cheese, Spicy foods, Pho, Sisig, Katsudon, Pizza.

        DISLIKES: Loud or crowded places, Hot weather, Rude people & people with no common sense, Helminths, Deep waters.

        ABILITIES: Shapeshifting/Transforming, Rose-Red Flame that boost his agility and physical, He's quite handy he can use his feet like hands.

        About My Fursona

        Rikkun Wolfennec Fursuit

        Rikkun is basically a representation of myself as a person.

        My character have different versions other worlds or timelines, such as a version of myself, warrior, military, medieval, modern, futuristic, etc. I made it this way so my character can be illustrated in any situation.

        Rikkun has the ability to shift forms from different species mainly Wolfennec and Sergal to his Beast, Feral, Chibi forms. He likes to be bare and fluffy! His element is rose-red colored fire.

        There isn't much a story right now but if I ever get more free time I will update this page for more lore and story.


        Rikkun pilots a gunship called WoLFen FLCN-11
        This is a mod I made for Starbound that you can actually use.


        I also made a playable Rikkun mod for myself. The Sergal Hybrid one on the right is inspired from Monster Race mod.


        Anthro Artist | ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ป๐Ÿ‡ณ | He/Him | ISFP-A

        Thanshuhai (pronounced tan-shu-hai; real name Henry Joel Nguyen Villanueva, born December 11) also known as Rikkun, is a half-Filipino, half-Vietnamese freelance furry artist from Lucena, Philippines.

        A former Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student, he worked part-time as a cashier and computer technician before becoming a freelance artist.


        Rikkun Wolfennec Fursuit

        Rikkun the Coffee Wolfennec
        Fursuit made by Daza

        Thanshuhai has been a part of the furry fandom since April 2012 and his fursona is a wolf-fennec hybrid, he also refers to it as "Wolfennec" or "Wolfen" who loves coffee. He updated his fursona's design and color from brown to grey in January 2017. His fursona has an alternative form which is a Sergal hybrid.

        Rikkun design evolution over the years.

        My family originated from Saigon, current day Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My mother is Vietnamese and father is Filipino who worked on the airport there back in the day until Vietnam War happened, that's when my family along with two eldest siblings moved here in the Philippines.

        My family lives a modest life here but life was rough, I was brought up in a broken family here in the Philippines with my single parent mother. I am the youngest of five siblings and one of last surviving two.

        I live a simple life growing up, I am a reserved, quiet person, I was a slow learner when I was young and I remember only managing to learn how to read properly when I was late in my grade school and barely passing my grades. I was only able to excel on things I'm passionate about specially computers, when I was in high school I got a job as a part-time cashier and computer technician. I decided that I wanted to study Information Technology.

        When I was in college that's where I discovered about the furry fandom and that's when my interest in art sparked and I started drawing, I drop out in college due to financial issues, I started to focus working part-time and my freelance work to support myself, my single mother sibling and nephew.

        The furry fandom change my life for the better and where I discover my passion. I owe a big thanks to the amazing community and people who have supported my work through the years. I am content with my life now I only wish happiness to the people who care and I care about, All I want now is live life, explore and do art as long as I am living. Thank you for your time reading this.

        In memory of my loving Mama.
        Thi Hong Nguyen Villanueva
        Jun 11, 1953 - Feb 4, 2018

        Rikkun IRL

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        Rikkun IRL


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